Lifespan of each ZenCart version

JSweb are committed to helping our clients with their e-commerce businesses. Our team have decades of experience with ZenCart e-commerce software. Our services include ZenCart upgrades, modules, customisations and new site design.
ZenCart typically releases one or two new versions each year. It's important to keep your website current for the best speed, performance and security. Regular updates usually result in lower maintenance cost over time.
Most websites on the Internet are powered by PHP coding, and ZenCart is no different. Therefore, each ZenCart upgrade will usually include upgrading the PHP version at the same time. Our project managers can advise you on all of this. By partnering with JSweb, your ZenCart website can be its very best! We can put together a stylish website with all the latest modules and integration.

The table below contains a schedule outlining the lifespan for each ZenCart version. In this table, we link each ZenCart version to a certain PHP versions, and on that basis we publish a "upgrade deadline" and "end of life" date. The key for each column can be found under the table.

ZenCart Version PHP Compatibility Upgrade Deadline End of Life
1.5.8 (not yet released) PHP 8.0 or 8.1
(PHP 7.4 may work)
25 Nov 2025 25 Nov 2026
1.5.7 PHP 7.4
(PHP 7.3 or PHP 8.0 may work)
28 Nov 2023 28 Nov 2024
1.5.6 PHP 7.2
(PHP 7.1 or PHP 7.3 may work)
30 Nov 2022 30 Nov 2023
1.5.5 Limited compatibility with PHP 7.1 1 Dec 2021 1 Dec 2022
1.5.4 PHP 5.5 and 5.6 (no longer supported) 21 Jul 2016 21 Jul 2016


Please note:
(a) ZenCart Version: Our table lists the major version. A version may have multiple minor releases, for example 1.5.7a, 1.5.7b, 1.5.7c and we recommend your website always has the latest release.
(b) PHP Compatibility: We list the main PHP version (or two) that works best with the ZenCart version. 
(c) Upgrade Deadline: This is the date when you should have finished upgraded your ZenCart website away from this version. 
(d) End of Life: This is the date is when the PHP version will be decommissioned. It will stop working on/after this date. PHP provide security updates until 12 months before. If end-of-life is 28 Nov 2024, you should have finished a ZenCart update by 28 Nov 2023.


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