MaxMind Security Check

Initial Order Check with MaxiMind:

JS Web uses only but the best security check applications to keep new and existing customers safe. On every order that is passed through our network, we will verify:

* IP Address Score
* Country Score
* Region Score
* Postal Score
* Distance Score
* Time Score
* Proxy Score
* E-mail Score
* Domain Score

Each and every individual item above is given a score, after each score has been taken it will be divided and given an average score, JS Web will allow orders that fall short of it's recommended score. However if our recommended score is surpassed JS Web may need to interfere with the order and veryify the order via a standard telephone call.

We take all service orders seriously, If we do not agree with an order or what we believe is Fraud we will not be hesitant and suspend that order with an update to the recipient within 24hrs.
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