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Purchase CEON Mapping Manager
New Sales
21st May 2019 (08:20)
Rick Suffolk Staff

Hi Mike

I'm afraid we no longer sell Ceon branded modules and we have not yet created our own alternative to the URI Mapping Manager. All we have been able to do is to update the module to working with current php versions for our existing clients who purchased through us under our original agreement with Ceon Ltd.

I'm sorry we can't be of more help.

Rick Suffolk

Development Manager | Just Simple Web |
UK Phone: 0345 86 200 12 | Ireland: +353 1-52-62-72-1
USA Phone: 1-234-200-0594
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21st May 2019 (03:03)

Hello, I'd like to purchase CEON Mapping Manager (Commercial) - I understand you have the rights to this program.

Looking forward to some details please.


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